Pentera: Transformational Blended Gifts Help the Charity and the Donor


In a transformational mood herself, Claudine Donikian blogs for Pentera, “Blended gifts are a hot topic in planned giving today—and for good reason: Combining different types of charitable gifts can be transformational to the donor in terms of achieving charitable goals and also transformational for the organization whose mission can be advanced significantly


Pentera has written extensively about blended gifts, including several newsletters and booklets. At last year’s National Conference on Philanthropic Planning, two workshops focused on blended gifts: Speakers from The Nature Conservancy led a workshop titled “Transformational Blended Gifts: Shifting the Organizational Culture,” while Steven Meyers of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science offered a workshop called “Blended Giving with the Killer Apps of Personalized Philanthropy.” Both workshops talked about the power of crossing the divide that separates planned gifts, annual gifts, and major gifts.

Here is some of what they both said …. See more.