How I Can Help You

Workshops and Training on Personalized Philanthropy

steven-l-meyers, nonprofit trainingI work with gift officers, fundraising executives, donors and their professional advisors, introducing them to the primary concepts and tools of Personalized Philanthropy. An introductory workshop will teach principles of personalized philanthropy and prepare participants to explore with their own prospects and donors.  Other workshops can be arranged to cover other topics, which are consistent with my book, Personalized Philanthropy: Crash the Fundraising Matrix. For example, I suggest the program be offered to selected gift officers and fundraisers you identify as having greatest potential to apply in their not-for-profit setting.


360-degree full-spectrum donor-focused profiles

After the workshop, I would help guide you in selecting 5-7 prospects whom you determine would be “most likely to succeed.”   For each of those selected prospects, you would complete and we would discuss a 360-degree profile which would provide the basis for a personalized gift process for each one, including discovery and meshing of donors’ passion and institutions’ compelling needs and charitable giving vehicles for creating current expendable funds as well as sustaining legacies.

In a series of calls, we would discuss options for a personalized conversation with each donor and plan the interviews you would conduct with donors.


Coaching and Guiding a New Conversation with Donors

Steven L meyers, nonprofit trainingFollowing the selection and screening of prospects (above), we would hold a series of 1-hour coaching sessions, by phone or if needed, in person. We would help you prepare for your meeting (or your gift officer’s meeting) with the selected prospects.  The aim is to prepare gift officers for a new and more personalized and purposeful charitable conversation – one that may depart considerably from past practice. This would include review and fine-tuning of the “discovery profile.” The focus is initially on discovering and meshing donors’ compelling interest and institution’s compelling need, and the gift officer gathering the information on the institution’s “compelling needs” to match the donor’s compelling interest.

During these sessions, we aim to be specific about the institution’s compelling interests, not just “to support the annual fund,” or the capital campaign, but to find the specific passion of the donor and connect it to a specific purpose and mission of your institution. After the donor interview, there would be a full debriefing of gift officer and begin prep for next round. Preparation of illustrations, “vision documents,” pledge and gift agreements, would follow, as above.


Establish Your Own Center for Personalized Philanthropy

At some point, you may wish to consider establishing a Center for Personalized Philanthropy as a way to provide a unifying umbrella approach for the gift planning experience across your many different environments. That could be a worthwhile challenge, as the positive energy and success of personalized philanthropy ripples through your organization.



timeframe, nonprofit, Steven L Meyers, training, coachingLet’s discuss how to best structure our timeframes in a way that is most helpful to you. Perhaps 3-month, 6-month and 12-month milestones would be a place to begin. I hope you will find support for this approach in your organization.

I would suggest we consider going through one full cycle that would consist of (1) the initial training workshop, (2) screening, selection and initial gift interviews with a number of “best prospects;” (3) coaching, debriefing and working through the gift design, shaping and closing process.